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** The Reckoning By Anna Yuill  6/14/2019
The Reckoning Click Image To Enlarge   
Chris Ferre on the first free ascent of The Reckoning (25) at Mount Arapiles.

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User Comments
Great photo! But what's with the bolt? 
Incredible. How stupid are you people? For climbings' sake take this photo down before the general public sees it. 

I put the bolt in because unless you've got a valley giant, you can't protect

This is a picture of me working it, and the ladders are there because every
time I fell out of it I just pulled back up and gave it another go, rather than
doing the whole climb again :) 

White Trash
Pretty average photo because appart from being example of current
atrocities simply is little more than a gymnastic pose.

Bolt?? It’s more like something that a ship would tie up to, and has
dumbed down the route to lowest common climber factor.

An what’s with the etts? If climber gonna show those tactics climber
would have looked more sly stallone gnarly factor showing his bolt gun
hanging off harness instead , as that aligns with present fashion! 
One Day Hero
I don't entirely understand the hate for this photo/climb.....maybe in light of the current access situation it would be smart to feature only "holier than holy" routes? There are probably more than 50 bolts at Araps which offend me, but this isn't one of them.

Nice effort anyway, Chris. 

Duang Daunk
The hate is for the fact of another bolt in the coffin of climbing bro, when such routes were once done boldly in years past by a different generation.

Photo is okay.
Love the etts clipped to the bolt, and the guns!

Something strange about how the draw on the bolt is hanging. Captive biner caught on long axis? ... or twisted on a partially hidden double set of bolts?? 
One Day Hero
"such routes were once done boldly in years past by a different generation"

No they weren't. Thunder Crack, Eurydice, Procul, and even Trojan got bolted. Nobody is or ever was climbing this thing without a bolt.


Hahaha touche - It's ok ODH - let the internet troll have his moment :D

In all seriousness, in typical Chris fashion, there is no gear unless you've
got a spare 12" Valley Giant, so a bolt will be far easier for everyone.

And to quote Geoff Little, "Well done Chris - this climb will keep people
honest." I guess he was talking about most of the people on chockstone :D 

Regarding the above discussion, I think DD has successfully trolled ODH
and not bigchris as possibly intended!

Pretty cool photo for what it is depicting, though I think it would have
been photographically better if it was taken as vertical format, because in
horizontal format it crops where climber has come from and is going to.
As it is I tend to agree with White Trash in that it’s rendered into the
“gymnastic pose” category of photo.
One Day Hero
Rod, I assume the ground is just out of frame below and the top is just out of frame above.

In light of recent news, I now fully agree with dang duck. Probably ditch this photo, time for a full bolting moratorium at Araps, and some of the recent dumb ones need to quietly go away. Brush Tannin, and everyone get on your best behaviour. 

@ “I assume the ground is just out of frame below and the top is just out
of frame above.”

At risk of being labeled a troll (heh, heh, heh), if that’s the case then I
now also agree with Olbert, re “what’s with the bolt?”, when bouldering
mats & a spotter could(?) have been used instead??

Oh, and well done with getting up it Chris, as given your penchant for
such climbing, if you were taking falls off it then it'll keep the masses

Yeah fair call. Fortunately it's wildly exposed and about 20 meters off of the
deck so bouldering pads might be useful for protecting the ground from
getting blood all over it :D

I'll send you a pic to your email rod as I can't figure out how to put it in here
Probably not a good time to be advertising the fact that bolts are still be placed in the
mount. I vote to take this photo down and remove any entries on the crag. The
disclaimer that you need a valley giant will mean nothing to the general public or to
the traditional owners who are about to do an assessment at the mount.
Come on guys... read the room! 
Nice work.
sitting on your ass as usual.
im just jealous as i only climb stairs now.
might see you around the cathedrals.
love to the missus


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