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**** Flat Tack By Karl Bromelow  7/5/2018
Flat Tack Click Image To Enlarge   
Kai Seth Robertson (still 11) at The Watchtower, Grampians. Cruising around and clipping a few bolts on Flat Tack (16).

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User Comments

Duang Daunk
Cool climbing duds bro.
Like the casual style too. 

Good to see another photo of Kai's exploits, and one taken from a good
angle at that.

This photo taken at time of clipping with an armful of slack in hand,
exemplifies how far the fall would have been too, if it all went belly-up at
that moment...

Well done Kai and photographer (Karl?). 

White Trash
Good pic but a bit to posed for my liking. 
Karl Bromelow
Thanks for the comment White Trash but I'm not sure what you mean. It's
just a picture of Kai climbing. The position is the same as anyone of his
height would be in clipping that bolt. There's no pose. 

White Trash
The leg hanging in space looks posed to me.

Iím obviously a weaker climber than Kai because the start of the climb
(Iíve never been there), looks harder than where he is, an by the time Iíd
get up something like that, Iíd be looking for all the rests I could get, like
the foothold just above his knee height in the shot.

Standing up on it makes it a waist clip, easier and less distance to fall if
Karl Bromelow
I led it after him White Trash, The foothold on that block by his right knee
isn't great with hands as low as that, and would put your body in a worse
position, with a more strenuously locked off rather than straight left arm,
and more awkward fall if you fluffed the clip.

The next move is possibly the crux and is quite a big reach for a little guy.
Standing up on that foothold to make it a waist clip would involve doing the crux move with the last clipped
bolt way below him and a potential fall onto a ledge out of shot. Caught
between a rock and a hard place, I reckon he did right to clip it from a
straight left arm to save pump.

He is strong for his small size and weight regularly climbing much more overhanging territory than this.
He wouldn't have thought twice about making the clip while hanging from one arm and
with his right leg cutting loose.

It certainly wasn't posed but I did select it from a bunch of shots precisely because it looked a bit out there for a small
boy. He climbed it for fun after climbing much harder stuff on the same
section of cliff at the end of a couple of great days in the Grampians with
good friends during these school holidays.

Cheers, Karl 

Good photo and I agree that it seems taken from a good angle, like
photographer is on an adjacent climb.

Good background story to the ascent. Great work Kai.

Thanks for sharing. 
Karl Bromelow
Thanks for the kind comments Chloe. I will pass them on to Kai. 
How are the preparations for Kaiís 18th birthday coming on?
Must be soon. 


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