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Editing Topic Titles
Access T CliffCare
9:57:00 AM
Am sure I have done this before but now can't seem to find the buttons or remember how to change it. If I want to edit the title of a topic I have started - how is this done??

10:08:23 AM
Edit your initiating post.

When you do, you will notice that you can access the thread title area to change it.

Interestingly the 'system memory' still remembers the thread as whatever it originally went up as, specifically to all the reply posts.
As a consequence I have found interesting results to some 'searches' I have done, while looking for various things.
Access T CliffCare
10:22:48 AM
Thanks Rod, I shall try that.
Access T CliffCare
10:57:15 AM
On 30/10/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Edit your initiating post.
>When you do, you will notice that you can access the thread title area
>to change it.

Can't seem to do that. The edit button is not on my initiating post, only the last post I made.

11:01:27 AM
It only applies if you actually started the thread.

You should be able to edit any of your posts, but only the initiating post on a thread (when edited by the person who posted it), allows the title space to go 'white' instead of 'beige', and enables overtyping/deletion/change.
Access T CliffCare
11:08:22 AM

Well, I started it, but it ain't happenin! Nothings shifting, no white space Does this mean that I will be haunted by my words till the ends of time

11:16:48 AM
As an example (from the PM info you sent), did you try editing this specific* post?

(*ie the very first one in the thread)
Access T CliffCare
11:29:13 AM
Now I'm really confused. And I haven't even been drinking!

11:36:00 AM
Here is a step by step process to follow? ... ~ but will only work if you started the thread.

Go to page 1 of the thread concerned.
Go to the first post on that page.
Click on it's edit button.
~> make your change/s; ... ~ it should allow you to access the title area.
Click 'OK' (~> & any change/s will be saved).

Hope this helps.

If not, then something cyber-weird happened when you posted it initially (during a thunderstorm perhaps?), and you will need to get a moderator to make the changes you require.

1:09:38 PM
On 24/02/2009 access t wrote on VCC Access and Environment - Volunteers Required! thread:
>*I am still having no luck being able to edit topic titles. No edit button
>comes up for me and I started the thread. Mods can you help? Thought
>it might be good to add a sub heading that has some relevance to a new
>post in this thread. See my old thread editing topic titles. Help!

Although you are now talking about a different thread it seems you (or the mods), have sorted it? as the title reflects what you want??

Just thought I'd point out that you don't end up with an 'edit button' per se, when you edit your initial post in the thread.

It simply allows you access to change the title line. You can overtype on it, or delete what is there and type anew.
At risk of stating the obvious, the title line is above the normal content section of your post, ie it has it's own section and is limited to a certain number of characters.

Just for my curiosity sake. Can you edit any of your posts, or is something weird happening with your user ID - log on?
Access T CliffCare
2:01:24 PM
Hi Rod,

The mods have made the changes for me but I am still unable to edit the topic title or any other of my posts except for the very last one I posted which has an edit button on it. Thanks mods for doing this but can you please explain why I can't do this myself? It must be something weird with my user ID-log on. Aaaargh!!

Chockstone Moderator
3:40:37 PM
I sought advice from Site Author who identified the issue and fixed it.

The log in should now not be case sensitive. Ie “Access T” or “access t” will both work fine.
Access T CliffCare
3:43:44 PM

Aaah...thank you! Had no idea that would be the problem. Must say, everytime I log in I try and remember whether upper or lower case...either seems to get me in though.

Many thanks. I can sleep tonight and stop swearing at the computer.

Chockstone Moderator
3:47:16 PM
>either seems to get me in though

Yes. Except for the edit function till now!

3:59:32 PM
Yay of the day goes to Site Author and the Mods!

'A T' (or 'a t') wrote;
>upper or lower case

I just did a quick review of some of your posts and it seems to be a 50/50 thing. No wonder the case sensitive thing was inconsistent!
I am pleased for you that it is sorted now, and other Chockstone users will benefit* by not encountering the problem by default.

(* One of the best uses for this information in my opinion would be on the For Sale thread items. Once sold they can be flagged as such, to save potential buyers reading out of date items).

4:42:36 PM
I just did a test by logging in as mixed case user ID and posting; ... not surprisingly it works, including the edit function for past posts.

~> BUT be aware that the password is still case sensitive, ie it did not recognise my User ID if I mixed case when entering that portion of the log-in.

>Does this mean that I will be haunted by my words till the ends of time

~>The ghost is gone!!

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