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bouldering mats

12:08:40 AM
Can't decide what to blow my hard earned clams on.

I've read elsewhere ( that the Mondo's foam doesn't last. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Also, has anyone got good things to say about Moon's crash pads, specifically the Saturn?

Lastly: Organic pads. Believe the hype?
9:24:17 AM
On 19/01/2007 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>>If you think you'll want to go bouldering at least half a dozen times outdoors, buy one. >>worth every penny.

>6 times outdoors?
>Once would be enough if it saves you breaking a bone / receiving other
>nasty type injury?
"if it only saves you once a year, it's a good year' M9? But I agree. Much cheaper than medical bills and time on the sidelines from injuring yourself...kinda like, wait for it, wearing a helmet!

don't know about durability but the Mondo is way nice, though I only own a second hand TOTA...which is still nice, though the foam is not as soft

If I was to go buy one retail now I'd get a BD of some sort (cheaper and rounded corners, nice closure system), or get a Metolius cheapie from the States. CLimbing Anchors also do them and post to your house

11:18:48 AM
On 24/10/2011 Maxo wrote:
>Lastly: Organic pads. Believe the hype?

Yes. They are easily the best pads that I have landed on.

I own two.

Revolution also make excellent pads. I wouldn't touch BD (mass produced made in China crap).

Just my opinion.

11:28:09 AM
Maxo, where you specifically after a BIG pad like the Mondo or a more all round pad?

How much where you looking at spending?

11:37:32 AM
On 24/10/2011 wallwombat wrote:
>On 24/10/2011 Maxo wrote:
>>Lastly: Organic pads. Believe the hype?
>Yes. They are easily the best pads that I have landed on.
>I own two.
>Revolution also make excellent pads. I wouldn't touch BD (mass produced
>made in China crap).
>Just my opinion.

i got one of those BD dropzone pads - nice landing and easy to carry but IMO pretty poor construction considering how friggn expensive they are

12:28:19 PM
DMNZ - shipping from OS is prohibitive, and I haven't much positive about metolius recently, but then I haven't heard bad things either.

Grantoss - I was considering BD just because Pinnacle has a cheap deal on them at the moment, but on balance, I think I should exclude. That said, a few years ago Duncan rated them higher than TOTA (a pad I own and quite like), but maybe manufacturing has dropped off since.

WW - well, therein lies one of my dilemmas. Basically, getting something the size of a Mondo or a Saturn is almost the size of two Organic simple/full pads. And cheaper. Organic Big Pad too expensive. So basically I think my equation is to balance the quality of the Moon Saturn versus the Organic simple/full pad. If no appreciable difference, I think Saturn might be the go.

Revolution worth another look? They looked pretty fiddly to me... Good foam?

4:58:42 PM
If I was going to get a BIG pad and didn't want to fork out for the Organic Big Pad, I would probably look at the Revolution 12G or maybe the Moon Saturn.

I've had lengthy email discussions with Big John about pads, and he thinks Organic and Revolution use the best foam.

I've heard good things about Moon Pads too.

When I buy myself a new van I might invest in a BIG pad but, without a big vehicle, big pads can be a pain in the arse. And they are a pain in the arse if you have to do any bush-bashing with them. At the moment I am really happy with my Organic Simple Pad/ Briefcase Pad combo and it offers me more versatility than one really big pad.

Have fun shopping.

6:51:08 PM
I've got a DMM highball (as does most of the boulderers in UK)
I bought mine mainly as I have several friends who have had thier pads for several years that had taken quite bit of abuse and the foam was still going on strong. You can also just get the foam replacements without having to buy the whole thing again.

Not a fan of the revolution pad, as I've got blake' pad and I think it's fallen apart way to prematurely (and the foams shot) Yes I know blake, you're a big fan.

I also like the POD boulder mats, Really decent foam in it - Tom's had his one for years and I think he secretly wished he bought the old thing to Australia.

Although the moon has a great variety, they have been known to get soft quickly.

8:11:35 PM
Hello there! It seems like I'm a little late to replay your thread. Hopefully, you've made your purchase. I had a look to the link you shared but the products didn't satisfy me. This is 2020 and things have changed in the meantime. So, I'd like to share something for the future readers of this thread. Here's a link ( of 2020's best crash pads sorted after an extensive field test by the industry insiders!
11:04:09 AM
Late to the party? Only 9 years!

Firstly better to be open about the link that it's your site that you are plugging.

Secondly it's a rubbish site. Your top rated 'bouldering pad" for 2020 isn't even a bouldering mat, rather a Velour covered Sensory pad???!!! The site is just a collection of links to Amazon etc which I surmise you will get some payment per links clicked.

From the site

"John Russel
A Climbing Specialist

Rock climbing is as thrilling as it gets as you climb high up the sky-high mountains. The story behind my becoming a climbing expert is simple yet full of romantic events and glorious achievements. Iíve undergone climbing adventures at least four times a year over the course of past two decades. Apart from the magnificence and perils of climbing, I took another job as part of my adventurous spirits. I keep notes of my feelings that change once a while. Whatever you read in my posts is based on my true climbing events. I hope you would enjoy!"

E. Wells
11:41:15 AM
He's no Steve Climber
3:35:33 PM
"Rounded corners" was listed under cons for the Metolious Reaper Crash Pad. I must say, it's excellent that I've finally found somebody who agrees with me about the crime against humanity that rounded corners on crash pads really are.
6:23:44 AM
Check out the photo of the 6 year old lead climbing in a full boy harness:

It appears they are tied into a wire gate with a single overhand leading up a slab in a full body harness. This website is the best!
10:13:59 AM
On 2-Oct-2020 Olbert wrote:
>Check out the photo of the 6 year old lead climbing in a full boy harness:
>It appears they are tied into a wire gate with a single overhand leading
>up a slab in a full body harness. This website is the best!

10:42:04 AM
On 2-Oct-2020 Olbert wrote:
>It appears they are tied into a wire gate with a single overhand leading
>up a slab in a full body harness. This website is the best!

Not trying to defend the website, but in all fairness you can see the kid is being toproped not leading. The wire gate and rope is just a trail rope. Actually I think that's a pretty cool photo of a kid climbing!
9:48:05 AM
Wot PeterW rote

4:50:20 AM
The image is cut off if your browser isn't wide enough...

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