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Ankles busted in the Bluies

10:55:47 PM
On 24/04/2009 rolsen1 wrote:

>harness hang syndrome kills you in ten to thirty minutes - not enough
>time to be old fashioned

If I'm unconscious for ten minutes I'm more than likely f#cked anyway.

I'm actually really sorry that this poor chap came a cropper off Flake Crack. If he hadn't we wouldn't have been subjected to your pompous bullshit.
12:32:48 AM
>Sure do your superstitious activities, use a prussick backup and read
>your horoscope before you set off but don't try to tell me (and the novices
>on this site) that it constitutes safe practices.

Why do you climb with a rope? A rope is just a backup in case you fall. The whole point of a backup is incase something goes wrong.

Sure, you may be a perfect abseiler, but not everything is in your controll - rock fall, wasps, falling fridges, all of these things can screw up your abseil without any input from you at all. This is the same reason we wear seatbelts while driving, to account for mistakes by others (because we all believe that we are the worlds safest drivers).

If you think that recommending to beginners that they do not need a backup (the people who need it most) then you are a retard and should be kept away from the cliffs. If you want to abseil without a backup - thats fine, I have no problems with that. Just keep your practices which have been proven to be unsafe (due to recorded accidents) to yourself.

7:51:23 AM
An interesting article on HHS:

Loss of consciousness in 3.5 minutes in one case. All subjects had symptoms in less than 10 minutes !

How fast could an unconscious climber be hauled ?!

9:07:27 AM
On 25/04/2009 TonyB wrote:
>An interesting article on HHS:
>Loss of consciousness in 3.5 minutes in one case. All subjects had symptoms
>in less than 10 minutes !
>How fast could an unconscious climber be hauled ?!
O.K. so if you can't get to them within 10 minutes, cut the rope and go to the pub.: )

12:20:18 PM
Most of these harness hang syndrome tests have been done on cavers. I think that while unconscious, the body's subconscious realises that it is in a hole in the ground and is tricked into believing it's already dead.

So, don't go abseiling into holes in the ground. Simple.
Richard Delaney
9:24:41 PM
re: self belays, my memory's getting less and less trustworthy these days but didn't
Chris Peisker have a rock dislodge from above and break a finger or two on his brake
hand and let go of the rope - to be stopped by his self belay - I think on the Totem

Sometimes I use self belays and sometimes not. If I'm feeling lazy and know that I
probably should then I use a Gri-Gri.

re: Harness Hang Syndrome - isn't it simply called Suspension Trauma these days and
treated much like other crush injuries. I know the Australian Rope Access Association
was getting some stickers made up to put on operators helmets to the effect of: "If you
find me unco and hanging please don't kill me - see inside helmet for more details..."
and went on to recommend the best options for treatment.

10:33:37 PM
Yeah, Chris broke his thumb on the Tote when a rock fell onto his brake hand while rapping off.
Thank god for the foresight of loading a prussic auto block, it is renowned for loose rock and a tyrolene is
the best/safest way off IMO.
11:44:02 PM
Hey Neil, I like raping on the Gri Gri as well.

You're still a weirdo but :-)
7:06:13 AM
devlin66 wrote;
>I like raping on the Gri Gri as well.


What exactly do you do on the Gri Gri and to whom?
Rich to be throwing around, "Weirdo." Pervert.


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