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Moonarie 2019-08-11
5:42:35 AM

Anyone have any information on WTF happened at Moonarie last weekend?

These climbers are both very experienced trad climbers, with one having many FAs at Moonarie to his name - I can't comprehend how this could have happened.


7:50:20 AM
"Moonarie News: A climbing accident in Moonarie takes the lives of two climbers. The Climbing Club of South Australia couldnít be more sad about the situation that has occurred & our thoughts & love for those two climbers couldnít be more felt by the whole community. Please respect the need for privacy of the families for those involved. The authorities will release information as it becomes available to us in the coming days."

Extremely sad. :-(

7:58:45 AM
Two of my partner's closest climbing buddies. We're both living in the Blue Mountains now and can't comprehend how this could have happened to these two people with the amount of experience they have. While never welcome, you expect this in the mountains - but not on rock.
9:19:00 AM
A little bit more from the ABC
One Day Hero
10:56:09 AM
Very sad news, condolences to the friends and families of the climbers.

On 12-Aug-2019 Chris.b-c wrote:
>Two of my partner's closest climbing buddies. We're both living in the
>Blue Mountains now and can't comprehend how this could have happened to
>these two people with the amount of experience they have. While never welcome,
>you expect this in the mountains - but not on rock.

Chris, I've never cared that much about the details of these accidents. There's only a couple of ways this could have happened, and it doesn't really matter which one it was.

There is simply a low level risk of catastrophe permeating all climbing, and we unconsciously round it down to zero (because we aren't wired to deal with small numbers very well).

salty crag
2:51:36 PM
Very sad.
Feelings go out to their friends and family.
2:53:49 PM
...drone finds climbers...

'...Mr Baker said another climber used a drone to conduct an aerial search the following day.
"When the guys didn't come back on Saturday night, back to camp, he sent a drone up Ö to just have a look on Sunday morning and he found the scene of the accident"...'


6:26:12 PM
Sorry to hear youíve lost friends. My thoughts and prayers for their friends and loved ones at this time. Also for the people who found them...

6:37:11 PM
Iím also sorry to hear of this accident and feel strongly saddened by it both as an event and for the effects that it has on family, friends and rescuers - ongoing.
Condolences to all who knew the climbers involved.

As alluded to in some of the media reports, itís been five years since Patrick died there, and it seems like a blink; with this double tragedy again highlighting the raw emotions involved.
8:20:21 AM
I am also saddened by this tragedy, and yes it reminded me of the previous accident.
I don't know the two involved this time but my thoughts go out to those affected.

I have it on good authority that the two climbers were found roped together below the base of Dry Land (22), with about 5 metres of rope between them.
I don't know the area but I'm told you scramble in to the start, off a pinnacle, which is 20m above the deck, before starting the climb.
As there were no witnesses, no definite conclusions can be made.
2:38:09 PM
I was gutted to hear about this tragedy and I send my sincerest condolences to family and friends.

The climb Dry Land is on the right end of the Great Wall. At the base of the GW is a huge ledge that is 10m to 20m off the ground. For the climbs in the central part of the ledge/GW my view is that it is quite safe not to have the belayer tied in to anchors at the base (this is opinion NOT advice). However the ledge does drop away on the left and right extremities of the GW and for the climbs here you should make sure the belayer is tied to a solid anchor capable of holding a factor 2 fall.

There is an article in the Adelaide advertiser behind a firewall that says that there was gear on the rope between the climbers and suggested it was a lead fall that ripped gear out and both were pulled off the ledge. Whether that gear was lead gear and/or anchor gear is not clear. In any case this is a brutal reminder to make sure you have a solid belay anchor unless youíre 110% certain there is no chance of a factor 2 fall.

Take care all

The good Dr
8:57:26 PM
Thanks Stu.

Condolences to all. This type of tragedy affects us all and is confronting as making good decision is what we strive for. And Damo is right in that at time the wilful ignorance of that 1-5% that makes us all vulnerable.

if it was Dry land, I can fully understand as when I did it 10+ years ago I thought that quite a few of the placements were a bit flogged/dangerous out as the rock is soft. Was super careful then. Again conjecture, but a reminder to never assume all is good on established routes.

7:41:04 PM
Iíve been fronting the media since the accident with information from a first hand account of the guy that found the scene of the accident on Sunday after the two climbers failed to return to camp on sat night. Marinko also attend the scene of the accident.
The 2 climbers were found at base of dry land with about 5 metres of rope between them and a wire clipped onto the rope indicating that he first piece had ripped out. The first section of the climb is a bit tricky so mike might have fallen or sat on the gear causing it to rip. With no belay anchor the shock load most likely pulled the belayer off ledge too.

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