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Buffalo aidclimb w/end 20-21March2010(~> Newbies!)

1:08:25 PM
On 10/03/2010 brendan wrote:
>i had epic fun at buffalo on the weekend.......

robertsonja replied;
>I'm glad I was NOT a part of that mission....

>What's with just the two can of beers anyway?

My guess would be one for each night on a three day solo.

Extended solo is punishing when it comes to gear loads; ...huge sacrifices to reduce load weight have to be made to make it practical.
Experienced campaigners sometimes find a hip flask weighs less and depending on its contents can give more alcohol%content for the haul over the timeframe involved...
Heh, heh, heh.
Fish Boy
2:35:11 PM
When I soloed ozy I took a 6 pack of coopers red in stubbies....
2:39:19 PM
When wombat & I go bouldering we fast and light and drink 30 blocks of cans.
4:23:15 PM
On 11/03/2010 Fish Boy wrote:
>When I soloed ozy I took a 6 pack of coopers red in stubbies....
how many survived in the haul bag : )

4:35:49 PM
On 22/02/2010 bl@ke wrote:
>Isnt there free camping on the north wall?? ;)

Here ya go bl@ke.
~> But it will cost you $600 beforehand!
Oh, and if memory serves me correctly, the site number to book is 35 !
5:00:02 PM
what would you use to fix a small hole in your ledge rod???, i was thinking sewing, then seam grip and maybe a patch over the top

5:19:58 PM
Tricky one.
On the wall it is just gaffer tape, but for the long term depending on the material, size of hole, and location, I would try different things.
If small and not at a stress point possibly applying the flat blade of a heated knife to 'weld' loose threads would work. ~> Obviously need to be mindful of not enlarging the hole with this technique.
If sewing (by machine) is attempted, I suspect that the finest needle capable of doing the job should be used, otherwise it will possibly lead to further damage of ripping along the linear stress point of a sewing line. Others more skilled in the art might suggest using a round-tip needle(?) instead of a traditional point needle that pierces threads and in the process cuts them. Sewing in circular / zig-zag / criss-cross helps to minimise localised stress points?
If the fabric is similar to the vinyl of haulbags, then a suitable weld can be done (or glueing a patch) using tarzans grip style of glue.
Seam grip might not be strong enough if the hole is more of a 'cut' style and located where it is likely to get elbow or knee (point type force rather than distributed force) abuse. If that is the case then 'shoe-goo', an epoxy style of cement that skateboarders use for repairs (tough stuff), may be better.

My ledge looks daggy due the preventative/protective gaffer tape I have applied to minimise wall damage to that side of the ledge, but so far no holes have happened even though the tape has been nicely shredded through use and renewed before following trips!
By the way, I have found that gaffer tape doesn't adhere well in cold conditions (gets brittle), and it also peels off without help in heatwave conditions!

Other possibilities are to take the item to a sailmaker, or tentmaker, or repair mob for those style of things?

6:09:01 PM
Blake - if the weather is good and I can't find anybody for real climbing that weekend I'll head on up to watch the fun & games and I'll be going through Benalla.
7:05:55 PM
On 11/03/2010 brendan wrote:
>On 11/03/2010 Fish Boy wrote:
>>When I soloed ozy I took a 6 pack of coopers red in stubbies....
>how many survived in the haul bag : )

Haul bag? I just use a boxing bag without the sawdust in it. Everlast is the most durable.
7:10:59 PM
On 11/03/2010 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>On 22/02/2010 bl@ke wrote:
>>Isnt there free camping on the north wall?? ;)
>Here ya go bl@ke.
>~> But it will cost you $600
>Oh, and if memory serves me correctly, the site number to book is 35 !

Dont get me drooling! first i need to get some good Etts and other doo dads for aid climbing. Fish seem to make some good cheep ones.
8:45:18 AM

Did you end up getting back to NZ this summer?

Some boys from Newy will be down at Buffalo for the Anzac weekend if you're interested in someone else on the end of your rope.

5:09:47 PM
On 11/03/2010 bl@ke wrote:

~> On 22/02/2010 Macciza wrote re your:
[>Isnt there free camping on the north wall?? ;) ]

>Yeah, but you need to know the site number ;-}
>And then there's the secret hex shake as well . . . hook, hook, whack, whack, say no more, guv'nor . . .

5:22:03 PM
Attention participants

This week (starting tomorrow Sat. 13th), looks 90% like shaping up as pretty ordinary for me regarding access to a computer, so I won't have opportunity to Chockstone, email, ... know about, let alone reply, to last minute co-ordination / additions / help with directions, etc.
... ~> so, in a nutshell; I will PM the attendee list peoples with my ph number, and see you there (regardless of the weather!), at Lake Catani campsite 8.30 am Saturday morning.
I will be on an orange motorcycle with my aid gear, and park at the central area carpark* to meet whoever turns up.
(*located between the hot shower block and the stone refuge hut, just after entering the camping area. Please note that this is NOT the day use area carpark).

There is still a good chance I could go up earlier ie on the Friday night, as this is is my preference, if others are going to be there then. Send me a text message if you are.

If anyone else wants to be a late addition, or subtraction, ie a possible further need for co-ordination beforehand, perhaps one of the attendees can take on the task during my absence? ~> egosan perhaps??, otherwise simply turn up!
If you do and we have departed the campsite already due to your late arrival (after 9 - 9.30am?), my guess at this stage is I will leave a location where we have gone to aid-climb on the noticeboard on the ablution block.

Sorry about not being available during the final week leading up to it, but sh!t happens...

Looking forward to meeting and aid climbing with you.


Post edit:
A possible contact for loaner aid gear, if you intend participating in this weekend and have none, plus are Melbourne based, is user ID 'stuart h', who has kindly offered his support to help make the weekend a success.
If you proceed to do this, then you shall have to organise it with him by PM.

Chuck Norris
8:43:00 PM
You're dreaming if you think you won't make a post for a full week!

Even servos have internet these days - how could you possibly pass one and not check to see if anyone has posted anything controversila, or just anything for that matter.

I give you 3 days. And if you do succeed can I BEG the anonymous beast AKA the 'CHOCKSTONE MODERATOR' to limit m9 to no more than 20 posts a day upon his return.
3:03:42 PM
Pm'd Superstu and Fishboy. PM'd both of you cos i was like "better chance of organising a lift earlier" i like to be organised :)
Fish Boy
10:24:36 PM
Yeah blake, if the weather is good, you can have a lift. Speak during the week.
Fish Boy
10:25:26 PM
I have some spare shite if people need stuff, just pm me....
5:51:29 PM
yeah we were in NZ for 5 weeks, got up 6/7 routes good fun. Meet up with your mate from last summer in unwin hut, good effort on east ridge
1:24:27 PM

Quick note - If anyone has a gri gri, edelrid eddy, or similar device, or if anyone can get there hands on one, bring it along for the weekend, they come in real handy.

9:23:36 AM
So, TR anyone?

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