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barely legal live hardcore xxx climbing action

2:39:48 PM
this is the story of neil, kent and myself and the fun times we had with a guy called joshua, some sisters, a blond, lots of pussy and a lama.

we were three aussie males out for a bit of action. i myself was keen to tick a blond and get as much pussy as I could while my girlfriend was elsewhere. neil was up for something a bit different with joshua and the lama and kent was eager to get up and stick anything and everything he could. I think I can safely say we all had a good route!

well we knew our behaviour would be immoral so before we ventured into vd land we asked the powers that be for their amnesty. the tyrannt wouldn't give it to me straight away but grasped my suggestion after another slap. kent was a little more gentle and neil avoided the sting from this bee with some questionable footwork. with this pardon kent was quick to jump on the first 18 he could and accepted a recommendation from neil. kent made good use of his big nuts down low before he went straight for the ring up high. to pay tribute to kents pump neil drilled the 23 next door but I didn't think there was much to grab onto so I dogged her instead. kent gave her a bit of dog too but eventually found the pink point.

by this stage we were all pumping for another good route. I was excited at the prospect of ticking a blond and I didn't even care that neil was the first to finger her pockets and stick her jugs. my blond ambition was to be fulfilled! I was happy to bask in my triumph and watch kent make good use of his long sling to help nail this 26. after a few words of abuse and a bit of chalk to dry her up kent was able to stop from slipping out and steal her innocence from phil. kent and I then teamed up to score a good long route from the sisters and we both found that they really loved a good merciless nipple pinch at the climax. neil on the other hand decided to spend some time in this bloody ugly crack and quickly discovered that she was no valentine so he ran away and used his power tool to cut someone else's lunch.

the next day neil and kent spent a few sweaty hours with joshua. I wasn't too sure what they were doing together but they eventually came down with big smiles on their faces and a few photos to sell. joshua wasn't my type so I saved my spurt for some good pussy. there was lots of pussy to be found in the dirt and I slapped at it again and again until it gave in. i thought this route was well worth the testicle trauma i sustained. kent gave her no rest and seconded my opinion. neil didn't want any pussy and went straight for the lama instead. kent and I were both amazed at the spanking this lama was giving. neil dogged hard and only just managed to lubricate the path. kent didn't hesitate when it came to his turn and was well impressed with the endurance of the lama. I didn't want to miss out on the action either and enjoyed every whip the lama served. we all decided we'd call the lama again some other time.

the only thing we couldn't wipe from our faces were the smiles!

download free pics here

2:46:01 PM
Ha ha, thats so funny!! sounded great!

3:17:52 PM
and the smutty photos are here...
3:30:49 PM
classic classic much as I hate to say this kent, I think you've been spectacularly banished from the lofty position of king of the c-s trip reports....

4:07:32 PM
you are my hero jono, so much so you will soon be hanging in my bedroom!

8:53:59 PM
VD-LAND ?--- been down to the clinic yet, boys?...

2:39:08 PM
kinda makes me want to leave all these teens and get my leg up something 16+

3:22:26 PM
i dunno those twenty-somethings can be pretty hairy.. you're best off sticking with the easy teens.. ;-0
1:47:00 AM
i agree...its always good when you find an easy route.

7:27:24 AM
you vic guys are lucky...none of the good routes up here in the blueys have protection, and with cracks being as loose as they are i could never trust my nuts to do their job properly

2:25:43 PM
i think you will find the comments (although not correct ) were in regard to the ones above.

3:02:03 PM
sometimes mr mouse is more mickey than mighty id say.

3:51:26 PM
mines bigger!

6:23:36 PM
more mickey is probably right, but thats all part of the fun
yes i most definately agree that the blueys have some great trad lines on offer, but having just spent a weekend at sahara point (where half the holds come off in my hands!!! in the words of rod 'im sure she'll clean up with a bit of traffic. ironically in the satirical context of the post a route is often term dirty after some much traffic....) i have the chossy crap raiding my thoughts..
im more than happy to go for a climb with you if you can put up with the mickey in me.... :)
12:01:37 PM
On 30/04/2004 WM wrote:
>>Have you noticed that when you say something like
>>> the Blueys have some of the best cracks between Frog and Tas.
>>even quite loudly, none of them argue? : )
>yes I was very disappointed that I didn't receive hate mail over that

everyone knows that Frog & Tasmania are the only places to crack climb.... anything else is barely worthy of a mention...

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