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European Sport Climbing Extravaganza

5:02:17 PM
On 25/08/2004 HEX wrote:
>Laissez les bons temps rouler !!
> Amour, HEX ...

Luv, hex, hex-TROLL and HEX...

2:22:08 PM
Allo, Bonjour, Hullo.


en France?

Ayez un chat français. Les femmes françaises sont bons regarder et intelligentes aussi. C'est une combinaison rare. Vous tapis à longs poils de cna votre manière toute à travers le Français. Le chat est le meilleur au méditerranéen

4:27:57 PM
Allo, Bonjour
chut le farçke upe

7:53:05 PM
On 27/08/2004 Mighty Mouse wrote:
>>running off into the scrub
>why didnt they go in the
>>Hole In The Wall
>(you can email pictures of these scantily clad individuals to me if you
>like ;-)
The images permanently ingrained in my memory are better than any photo! :)

8:39:56 PM
On 30/08/2004 Mighty Mouse wrote:
>Allo, Bonjour
>chut le farçke upe


7:54:45 AM
How do I taste Hex? Bitter?

12:29:29 PM
Cascade probably...

12:24:04 PM
Unfair to mention beer whilst im stuck at work, im a boags man anyway.

Hope the climbing trip in Europe is going well! Looking forward to some trip reports.
8:39:02 AM
Hello from Paris!

We are writing to you from an internet cafe somewhere within staggering distance from where we are staying.

My flight from Sydney to Singapore was so hopelessly late that I almost missed my linkup in Singapore. My plane arrived, and I scuffled off to find a little Singaporean man holding a card with my next flight number written on it, yelling "Frankfurt! Frankfurt! You come with me!" He rushed a modest crew of passengers across the maze that is Singapore Airport, and dumped us at the checkin counter. I ran to my next flight to find a frantic Lee Skidmore behind glass doors waving his arms in an effort to signal me, and a rebelious Neil Monteith with his nose pressed up against the glass, and sporting what appeared to be some kind of mohawk.

A 12 hour flight and a 6 hour wait in Frankfurt airport later, we finally arrived in Paris. We were soon to learn that two bags and our fancy new stick clip had been lost somewhere. Lee Skidmore and myself are currently managing with only one set of clothes and a fear of having parted ways with our down jackets. The airline doesn't seem to know if and when our bags will reach us, and the travel insurance policy may not pay up since ALL of our luggage has not been delayed, just some of it. More info on travel insurance to follow.

Marten and myself woke up in a jetlagged stupour at 5am this morning and went for a walk. Three and a half hours later it was breakfast time and our legs were aching. We joined the others for breakfast anyhow; and then headed off for some routine sightseeing. The Louvre is enourmous... so many paintings featuring death and destruction; or Jesus. We are all very impressed at how many artists seem to have managed to get Jesus to turn up and pose for a few hours. We saw one painting that had something to do with Medusa. Basically there's a bunch of guys (some of them in pieces) on a raft in the ocean; with bodies hanging over the edge of the raft and so on. A nomination for quote of the week goes to Lee Skidmore with "Things don't seem to be going so well." This sounded hilarious to me on the small amount of sleep I've had :-)

Ideally we will have recovered from jetlag by tomorrow so we can do some sightseeing in a concious state. I believe L'Arc de Triump (?? spelling??) is on the agenda. The next day we leave touristville and go to Font. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta go get some sleep. Miss you all lots


9:30:46 AM

Luv HEX...

9:42:42 AM
nice one jac! good to hear most of the trip is going good (apart from the whole luggage thing) so far. can't wait to hear the next report, hopefully including some climbing. oh, and i'm keen to hear (or see!) more on this mohawk of mr monteith!

1:01:35 PM
Jac, $200 bucks to the first one of you who gets arrested and appears on oz tv for climbing up the outside of a famous french monument...
7:24:28 PM
I reckon Kathy is the one to blame for the mowhawk (yes its true!!). It'll make for a good mug shot when they get arrested for stealing bread & milk from the shops.

7:27:36 PM
On 2/09/2004 James wrote:
>I reckon Kathy is the one to blame for the mowhawk (yes its true!!). It'll
>make for a good mug shot when they get arrested for stealing bread & milk
>from the shops.

from what i've read, stealing bread is punishable by hanging in france, isn't it?
8:39:02 PM
Be sure to send us a detailed description of the "French Blow"!

8:50:04 PM
On 2/09/2004 alrob wrote:
>from what i've read, stealing bread is punishable by hanging in france, isn't it?
Guillotine perhaps? (It would tend to solve the torn finger pulley problems, by causing you to worry about something else) ..??

9:14:12 PM
On 2/09/2004 A5iswhereitsat wrote:
>Guillotine perhaps? (It would tend to solve the torn finger pulley problems,
>by causing you to worry about something else) ..??

yeah, i suppose a sore finger is kind of trivial when your looking up at decapitation.
12:59:21 AM
OK the luggage has now turned up, and we have ticked all the necessary tourist attractions in Paris (including a summit of the Eiffel Tower). Thus there is now nothing standing between us and Font. We'll be there by tomorrow afternoon. Yay!!!!!
mikl law
2:47:58 AM
I'll buy you a beer if you think the guide is easy to follow. I did the orange circuit as Bas Cuvier with Ness and Shaz, and the hardest part was finding the problems.
Have fun, the bakery at Barbazon is good, consume your own body weight in bread and soft cheese every day and you're sure to tick heaps.
Bon Apetit!
1:31:57 PM
Very impressed Jac that you have managed to squeeze in some sightseeing one of the worlds best museums!

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