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VIC Grampians Northern Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre Spurt Wall [ Taipan Images ] 

Blue tarps at Spurt Wall

ShinToe Warrior
7:17:32 PM
On 17/05/2005 climbau wrote:
>On 17/05/2005 climberman wrote:
>>On 17/05/2005 gordoste wrote:
>>>i'm planning on opening a McDonalds on Big Grassy
>>climb-thru or eat in ?

Complimentary Mc'Biner with every McOzy Hungry Hardman Meal Deal (tm)

Astroturf, belayers for hire and c--ktail bar coming soon to a Mc Spurt wall near you.....

Nick Kaz
9:36:06 PM
The climb through better be A1, I hate lining up for my Mc Hardman meal, and can I get a Snow-Mcflurry with that?

ShinToe Warrior
9:46:56 PM
On 17/05/2005 Nick Kaz wrote:
>The climb through better be A1, I hate lining up for my Mc Hardman meal,and can I get a Snow-Mcflurry
with that?

of course, sir. that comes to a total of (way too much$$), please proceed to the climb-through window to
collect your order and complimentary biner. have a nice McClimb!

5:34:54 PM
On 17/05/2005 gfdonc wrote:
>Ooh! Hey, I've got some great ideas for preplaced stuff on Big Grassy/Ozy.
> M8 are you listening?
Your list sounds about right! ... ~>This should help along the Chockstone Aid climbers gathering nicely!

BTW I also liked the irony of your earlier pun re quickdraws left insitu:)
5:38:33 PM
Can somebody clean the toilet on BG?

In March this year I had to 'scramble around' shitty paper left on the ledge, and slept that night with my feet very close to another human turd. The same party may have been responsible for a third crap on the second last pitch of Ozy Direct, just before the chimney scramble.

Whoever it was had very 'troubled' intestines by the looks of it - hope you ended up with some of it in your undies

9:05:45 AM
On 17/05/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>Apparently pre-placed blue tarps are ok on sport routes....

and also on Aid routes ! ...

On 19/11/03 nmonteith wrote:
>Bring a cheap tarp to protect against the sun when on big grassy ledge. If you don't have a portaledge - 3 people is very squashed on big grassy/muddy.

:O nly j(ch?)oking !

The tarp could come in useful for more than the sun.
Re what ant said;
>hope you ended up with some of it in your undies

This is BAD news about the crap on a popular (and iconic) climb.
Sheer bloody laziness. It makes me CRANKY and it shits me literally.
There are plenty of ways to take it with you, even if you have to do a maxots and bag it 5 times!

Apart from being bloody inconsiderate it would also eventually affect water quality for subsequent teams filling water containers near the bottom.

I vote to 'out them' if I come across similar, by posting their details on climbing forums.

12:55:31 AM
From a Parks Vic management point of view leaving a blue tarp in a national park could be be seen as littering which is in itself an illegal action and can be therefore be enforced through legal proceedings.

Let's not kid ourselves shall we. If we want to continue to enjoy access to our crags then we have to behave in a responsible manner - taking out your litter (including blue tarps) is not a very hard thing to do and those that disagree are simply lazy bastards with no regard for the future of the Australian environment, no pride in their own country and little thought for the future access to said crag/mountain/open space.

Bolts are not the issue. The issue here is that of littering. Most walkers don't notice bolts sticking out of walls (unless they are climbers themselves) and especially not if they are carrots or rings. The will however notice a seemingly discarded blue tarp lying at the base of the wall - and likely report it to the parks staff.

The action of leaving one's "I'm a pussy and don't want to get my rope/feet/legs/gel styled haircut dirty" mat/tarp/blanket behind is also generically known as fly tipping, which is again enforceable by heavy fines.

If you do this yourself then I hope for the rest of us that you get caught and penalised to the full extent of the law. I personally have no problems reporting anyone that throws cigarettes out the car window and I would have no problem reporting someone leaving their blue tarp behind either.


p.s: I HATE people that litter...

3:04:07 PM
-bump -

This topic relates very closely with the
rock wallaby saw/ladder topic
. It is worth a read.

3:59:14 PM
>In my opinion there is minimal effort required to pick up a tarp that weighs a few hundred grams and put in in your pack. >It is a 10sec job

... its called booty?
pffhft :)

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