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Bouldering crash matts (Beds) or ideas Wanted !!!

..::- Chris -::..
2:58:15 PM
Fellow climbers,
With a great deal of expence and time We have almost completed our new home bouldering wall 4m 45 degree wall + 4m Roof to top it off !!! 2.4 meters wide the entire way !!!! I have priced crash matts with buffalo sports $3500+ then thought i'd build the matt myself (Clark rubber) $4000+ so we've decided on Old Beds or anything soft futons etc etc.

If anyone has some old mattresses they have (not left in the rain) and have no need for them we will gladly come and remove them from your house, where they will be recycled and used for the good of the bouldering cave!!!

Or if anyone has any idea how we can cover and area (2.5 meters by 8 meters by 40cm thick) of soft foam or padding for under $500 I would be glad to hear how !!! cause this thing is getting to be expensive !!!
Any Ideas how other poeple have designed their boulder cave's crash matts?? I would be glad to hear ......
and ..... "No".... concrete landings from a roof 2.5m off the deck is not ok!! hehehe
3:11:05 PM
Foam mattresses inside a vinyl cover - Once the Mill has closed, I will also be looking at buying a used cover if still in suitable condition from Hardrock - see Collingwood Close Date topic

>The mats will be also taken to Nunawading and again, there will be some for sale again once they are sorted as most are totally f....d

..::- Chris -::..
3:39:35 PM
Yeah I had seen the add from Sue, but I think we'll go the bed option untill then maybe, it would be too hard to wait, I'm like a kid on Christmas day with this wall, but trying to tell me I need to wait for another month to open my presents !!! I can't wait to get crankn!!
3:46:12 PM
You will need to collect the mattresses to fill the cover anyway.... enjoy your new wall!

4:48:24 PM
On 1/08/2003 ..::- Chris -::.. wrote:
>If anyone has some old mattresses

You can pick these up for about $15 a piece at any Op Shop or Salvation Army store. Of course you're possibly taking some needy person's potential bedding, so you might want to make a donation while there.

5:10:02 PM
actually mike st vinnes and the salvos don't take old matresses anymore, so i don;t think they'll have any. there are 3 on the side of bulleen road if your really desperate though!

..::- Chris -::..
5:15:59 PM
I live in templesowe so that would be perfect, where exactly are they ??

5:48:54 PM
continue up bullen road over the freeway towards doncaster road. they're on the left hand side after the first rise in the road. Checked about 5 mins ago, they are actually bed bases covered. So if you wanted them for a semi-solid base under other matresses then they are there. theres some padding to them.
11:33:54 PM
Op Shops etc. cannot reuse mattresses but collect them with beds and have to chuck them out. Sometimes they will let you dispose of them for them for free. The other option is 40 winks etc. they often collect old beds as part of a sale and have to ditch the mattress, they might let you have them for free. Try to get double or bigger, less joins to fall into.

..::- Chris -::..
8:10:44 AM
Solved it guys.
In the trading post there are people who buy used beds, get them cleaned up and
sell them to (Hostels etc etc) I managed to pick up (7 beds for $60) 4 of them King size and also 4 of them foam rubber with no springs !!! perfect !! The guy whom i bought them off generall sells any bed complete from $30 - $110 but if you ask nicely and have a chat to him he'll probably do you a good deal.... Thankyou to everyone who contributed to this post. Cheers. Oh yeah and the boulder cave is 80% complete, awaiting a few new T-nuts and spot lights. (A few quiet drinks on saturday night is a bad idea when trying to finish the entire cave in one weekend !!!)

3:47:27 PM
hhhmmm chris, i'm not sure about those mats. maybe some of us should come around and test them out before you fall on know, for safety reasons :D

..::- Chris -::..
4:06:22 PM
Alrob, thanks for the offer, but i have a girlfriend and i'm not really into the group
thing ; ) hehehe ..... however once the boulder cave is finished I'll post the photo's and you'll have to join us for an afternoon of beers bbq(ing) and bouldering !!!!

Thanks for all you help!
Cheers mate
9:19:29 PM
Try schools who have old gymnastic/high jump mats that they want to get rid of
4:14:01 PM

Have you though of bedding shops, as a service they collect old mattress. They have to pay to take them to the tip, so they may be happy for some one else to take them away.

10:44:21 AM
it might sound stupid but if you put down a nice layer of woodchips - its pretty cheap, pretty soft and means you don't have to lug a mat out when you want to climb
i have a 4m high outdoors wall at home and i use a layer of woodchips with 1 of those crappy 2 inch thick foam matresses on top (which i picked up out of a council cleanup pile) if im working hard moves right up the top, and that works great

10:05:19 PM
If still interested in buying big foam (not covered) mats, Cliffhanger is selling 2 at the moment. Not sure of the correct measurments or prices (bad memory) but if you call up on 9369 6400 they will be able to tell you.


8:41:06 AM
hey another idea- the other day me and a mate got a trailer and did a tour of glenhaven (our suburb) and after a few bottles of disinfectant, the piles people had put out for their council cleanup amounted to about 25 good crash mats which we are currently sewing a big canvas cover on to make a giant one for his home boulder cave- it cost us $60 in canvas and $5 in disinfectaqnt (eeewww we dont want to land on crusty old semen stains....:( ) and thats IT!!! im not sure if you viccy residents have a council cleanup equivelant, but for all the sydney siders its a great way to do it

2:56:01 PM
Salvation army depots and vinnes etc all leave matresses out the back to be cleaned up as by law they are not allowed resell or reuse for health reason (so Im told). Anyway if you have one near stick your head in and say you collect em and you get a cheap crash pads for the woodie

12:46:39 PM
On 6/12/2003 kezza wrote:
>If still interested in buying big foam (not covered) mats, Cliffhanger
>is selling 2 at the moment. Not sure of the correct measurments or prices
>(bad memory) but if you call up on 9369 6400 they will be able to tell

I just asked they're $500 each so they must be pretty good.. bit outta my price range tho ;)

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