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Buy and Sell Used Climbing Gear Please do not post retail SPAM.

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Outdoor/climbing gear for sale or free

10:03:13 PM
Mint condition $100 - bought on spur of moment cos it looked cool and along with c#ckroaches is the only thing that would survive nuclear war, however it never really fitted (I am 184cm give or take a cm) See below for previous thread for similar pack. Make an offer if I'm dreaming - i'd prefer pickup in richmond and can send picks if you give me an email address.

Also, there will likely be a bunch of other random stuff (some climbing related and others not) coming up for sale and giveaway. Some of it will ultimately go up on eBay in january but if you give me an OK offer and save me the hassle then let me know. If you check my post history I have a habit of giving stuff away and/or accepting cheap prices - so as long as you aren't taking the piss we should be able to work something out. The things I know I will be getting rid of (so make an offer can send pics for all items) are:

Westinghouse Virtuoso Fridge: think its 800mm wide (590L?) freezer at the top. It has a v high eco rating. will give more details if interested. Would need to be pick up after 20 January. Let me know if interested and we can talk price

Ikea Billy bookshelves at least two of them maybe more. White 2m tall 800mm wide. Help me take them down and they're yours.

Red leather chaise lounge $200: a bit of flaking (character) in some of the leather otherwise good

AEG front loading washer and condenser dryer complete with a connecting tray: Lavatherm and Lavamat. Not sure if I want to get rid of these but a good offer would get me interested.

There will be a 60 or 70m as new mammut rope 10.5mm I think as well as a few sets of wires but there is too much shit on the floor in front of the cupboard at the moment. Gimme a couple of days.
2:13:56 PM
Sent you a pm. Cheers.

11:13:55 PM
Cheers Tracy - I got message and will send pics as asked. I will try and do it asap but forgive me if i happen to be a bit tardy. I should be able to do it b4 Xmas

1:49:37 PM
Sent pics Tracey

Also two kitchen tables.

One solid pine seats 8 at a pinch. It is v solid but "weathered" which is actually part of it's charm. Can send pics if interested I'd expect some $$ for it make an offer.

The other is an old Formica table which would fit perfectly in a hipster cafe or beach shack. $0 if you collect it.

Also is vcc or anyone interested in a donation of some random partial sets of wires and old cams? Prefer it to go to a loaner rack situation that will get used than a gear hoarder accepting any free offer.

2:19:28 PM
Set of near new omega pacific wedgies. Note it is a set but NO number 11 wedgie cos Oliver is a tightarse $60

10:03:10 PM
Also two small filing cabinets $0 for pick up

3:38:01 PM
Omega pacific wires sold

3:43:57 PM
Bumping the list above and also adding a pair of Kofach ultras size 40 ish pick up in Adelaide - $0. Think I can muster up some crampons to fit though these are in Melbourne.

There are also more bookshelves for free and also a couple of kids desks and coffee tables. I live pretty close to burnley so whether you want to bi or are just curious send me a message and swing by on your way to a sweaty session under the bridge.
4:12:39 PM
On 5/01/2017 Stugang wrote:
> I live pretty close to burnley so whether you want to
>bi or are just curious send me a message and swing by on your way to a
>sweaty session under the bridge.

What are you actual offering Stugang? Reads surprisingly suspicious...

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:51:45 PM
I'll take the kids, but you can keep the desks and coffee tables.

Are they any good at doing tax returns?

5:37:58 PM
Adding to the list is a car camping gas cooker. The cheap Kmart style that uses gas cylinders that look
like fly spray cans. 3 or 4 full gas cans thrown in.

Also msr whisperlight free too with sig bottle. For some reason it started leaking soon after I bought it but as it was at the start of a year long road trip I never got around to do the warranty thing. It may be an easy fix and/or would be good for spare parts.

PS to Mr Llama- you cracked the code!!!! So congratulations you get a steamy night out with AndyP cos I heard a rumour that he's bored (imho bored or angry makes for the best sex).

5:51:27 PM
On 5/01/2017 Stugang wrote:
>PS to Mr Llama- you cracked the code!!!! So congratulations you get a
>steamy night out with AndyP cos I heard a rumour that he's bored (imho
>bored or angry makes for the best sex).

RU gunna throwin 4 AP some velcro glove 2?

Ps Keep Ed away from tha kidz as itza tax dodge.

5:59:08 PM
Found them so can confirm rigid crampons available for pick up in Melb.

5:38:45 PM
Scarpa trek ladies size 40. Near new $100? Offers?

7:31:00 PM
I appreciate the gear on the thread above is a bit hard to follow. What is available is:

- Scarpa size 40 walking boots $100 or offers.
- Karrimor Boma pack reasonable offers
- Koflach mountaineering boots size 45ish (not 40) free but Adelaide.
-SOLD Car camping gas cooker plus spare cylinders. Free SOLD NOW
- SOLD Msr whisperlights x 2 plus SIG bottle leaks for some reason and will be free unless I can fix it tonight.
- SOLD Metolious fixed hangers free (about half a dozen) also a couple of stainless truebolts (not sure I'd recommend these unless you know what you're doing).
- Various bits of furniture as above.

Apart from mountaineering boots all in Richmond

Post addendum: I would highly recommend NOT trying to fix an msr indoors. However I did find out that although I was assured that our smoke alarms were the best money can buy they are not sensitive to burning human flesh and leg hair. I should have checked the fine print

12:01:40 PM
PMd you.

2:13:37 PM
Luv tha smell of napalm in tha mornin, tho tha evenin is close enough.

Does tha rope come with 1 of thos extend itz life logbooks? Can it B tied 1handed blindfold in2 a noos? Haz Ed used it?
6:00:11 PM
If the whisperlite and gear is still available, I'm interested. I was in the shed last night trying to fix an old one borrow d from a friend so I might be able to make things work. Are you happy to post?

6:41:10 PM
Simp - sorry but they are now taken. I'll let you know if it falls through.

I managed to get one working 100% just by replacing the o rings but that was weird as they all looked oK before replacing.

The second is old and has been through the wars and after replacing all rings etc it is working about 60% (I can't work out why but I didn't try too hard). Even though it's old I found it way more reliable than the newer one above - I ran it on everything you could think of and more and it never needed much servicing (paint stripper was my personal favourite but that clogged the valve a bit).

8:02:03 PM
Ok reckon I got the second one working pretty good. Nice thing about msr is that no matter how old the model the replaceable parts like o rings fit all models.

This second msr comes with a gentile campfire story that in its last trip (a camping version of the Camino de Santiago) we had a number of days where we couldn't get fuel so the aforementioned paint thinner was used for a while. When we hit civilisation we had a night in one of those great European campgrounds that are more resort than campground. I took the opportunity to service this abused msr as it wasn't pressurising well - as I was cleaning it the little ball bearing thing that acts as a valve it shot out about 20 metres across the campground. I spent hours and hours looking for the little fker in the grass to no avail. Next morning a neighbouring Dutch Christian couple introduced themselves and we exchanged life stories and breakfast. In amongst it all I mentioned my msr (I was pretty hung up about it so it didn't take much to bring it into the conversation) to them upon which the lady jumped up and pulled out the ball from her caravan and said is this what you mean? Must have shot through their window or open door.

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