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Rigging question
4:44:45 PM
Could someone please give advise on the following:

Whilst using a pulley system can i tie two or more butterfly knots alone the same piece of rope.

One end is attached to a person on a trapeze the other is through a pulley then to a anchored point to the wall. Along that same rope i would like to pre tie two or more butterfly loop's, so that i have different heights already set.

Is this illegal????? The weight is no more then 60 kg with at least one ton of rating.

Thank you

Hoping someone knows the answer


Eduardo Slabofvic
7:52:42 PM
If it is for a performance, it is legal. If it is for a work place, then I don't know.

E. Wells
8:01:33 PM
One Day Hero knows the most about this kind of stuff.

11:43:24 PM
One day hero certainly knows his shit. Beware of pretenders - there was a dude that used to hang about here called abommerisible puff who looked a bit like Ed.

Seriously the puff doesn't know half as much as the hero.
12:04:34 AM
Ok cool thanks, now how do i get One day hero to answer this question?
I'm new to this site

Eduardo Slabofvic
8:23:44 AM
His name has been said three times, so he'll appear shortly
10:16:12 AM
Is this being done for a business, a volunteer organisation or purely recreational?

10:49:17 AM
As soon as you tie a knot it's going to be a weak spot.
Although if a trapeze there willl likely be very little shock loading.
Regardless, if in doubt, just get yourself one of those rope marker pens and mark the preset heights with that.
12:05:50 PM
Thank you this confirmed what we thought so we are going to attach a rated chain to the end of the rope so that we have many links and heights to choose from, just like you would if you used cable instead of rope. Is this allowed?
1:05:44 PM
WHS laws basicly makes you self manage and requires you to document. There are rigging load limits. I knew a workcover inspector who overlooked the first australioan cirque solei (sp?).and he looked at what they did was safe. You are in a grey area
3:55:20 PM
How are you going to fasten the rope to the anchor-point (or to the weighted chain for that matter)? If you use a knot there then call that 50% loss of strength in your rope. Any subsequent knots won't affect the strength, but they're a bit ugly. Marking the rope or a rated chain seem better options. Does your rigging allow you to do a controlled lower of the weighted trapeze?
5:15:54 PM
If this is for a commercial activity it would probably be classed as a "high risk work" and may therefore require a licensed rigger. While chockstone has a lot of very knowledgeable people I suspect it would be quite difficult to indemnify yourself from any actions arising from misadventure relating to the said rigging when when acting on advice from an internet forum.

having said that this link might help you decide if the alpine butterfly is suitable in your application with regard to its strength.
8:12:38 PM
If there is no dynamic load, you can tie as many alpines as you want. Put me down in your JSA if you want. The weak point is the knot but they would all be separate from each other. In fact if they might lessen any shock the first couple of times as they cinch up.

11:57:36 PM
On 7/05/2017 Stugang wrote:
>One day hero certainly knows his shit. Beware of pretenders - there was
>a dude that used to hang about here called abommerisible puff who looked
>a bit like Ed.
>Seriously the puff doesn't know half as much as the hero.

Dont mess wit da puff whogang.
E knos topshit like how 2 ectend tha life of ya cord by usin a book, an tyin a tripl bomba alpine bowline 1 hand pastUreyes in tha dark, an even GoulbumMurry don kno how2 do that.

>rigging advice
Ur gunna die.

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