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The Eyrie, Mt Boyce retrobolted! Badly...

1:19:47 PM
Yep, fair call Mike. Sorry about that, not suggesting its the gyms fault...

I guess it is quite an over-generalisation. Maybe 'gym-based'?? or 'not-really-outdoorsy-types-anyway' might have expressed it better. Yep , I agree there are numerous exceptions not just Axel (who was a young climber at Blacktown when I was managing it) but lots of normal grade climbers who embrace the greater traditions of outdoor pursuits.

But there are also lots and lots of climbers coming out of gyms with very little idea of 'traditions' within the pre-existing outdoor climbing community, and often little knowledge of bush skills i.e. basic toiletry. But again that is also increasingly so right across society I think, young people are more likely online then outside....

Not sure, I guess a bit of signage round gyms might help, maybe some SRC or VCC policy type stuff?? And maybe a bit of coverage in VL or similar...?? More old-timers climbing in gyms??


2:53:38 PM
I'm surprised no one got fired up about my statement that climbing is not "one man one vote". To rodw and voodoo, I couldn't care less what 5000 climbers who have never bolted a climb or contributed to Cliffcare think. This is not a democracy where everyone pays taxes and is subject to the law.

While I don't care about the views of the ignorant, we need to make sure curiosity from beginners is met with polite education and not contempt. And we need to be able to explain why it is the way it is - remember once upon a time chalk was frowned upon. Some of our ethical rules may be discarded in the same way.

3:25:48 PM
Not asking you to care, just pointing out fact re possible non existing consensus masquerading as as such on chocky and its like :)
3:47:21 PM
On 9/01/2017 rodw wrote:
>On 9/01/2017 Wendy wrote:
>>. I don't think climbers in general are silent
>Maybe not but I do think majority dont use this forum and others to express
>an opinion...I thought Voodoo's comment wasn't about perceive silent majority
>being pro for the bolting just pointing out Chockstone is not really a
>representative view of the wider whole.
>I know a sh&te ton of climbers and in my estimates less than 10% of them
>bother with this online banter..and certainly wouldn't assume expressed
>thoughts on here are the same they may have, or even have any thoughts
>on the matter at all.
>A vocal minority can easily sway an argument (look at US elections for
>an example) if the whole community does not get a "vote" and push a certain
>agenda while the silent majority either don't engage in said discussion
>either through apathy or simply being unaware of the issue at all which
>is probably the later.
>Actions will be performed by a small engaged majority in a sport like
>ours..which for the most seems to work fine...just like to advise caution
>in assuming this is what the community wants as a whole and claiming Chockstone
>is a true indicator for all thoughts regarding climbing just because a
>small bunch of peeps shout the loudest is a bit naive and simplistic IMHO.

Of course Chockstone isn't necessarily a true indicator of all thoughts - but I do think it is a well known public forum for these sort of issues and the easiest way of accessing a reasonable number of people. I can't think of any other method that will access a larger proportion of the climbing community in a quick time frame for minimal labour and resources. Feel free to tell us some. It also benefits from word of mouth where discussion here is spread around non-users who are then able to join in. I suspect there is a little bit of derision for internet forums as geeky and not as a legitimate location for debate. Some people's behaviour on them also discourages their acceptance as platforms for serious debate. However, all options are going to have limitations - club newsletter, gym or crag noticeboards are very population, time and location specific. And the don't care or have better things to do are hardly convincing arguments for consulting those people. Are we going to make them care or prioritise clarify issues of debate? Probably not.
11:44:49 PM

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This act was totally inappropriate.
Eyrie was already overbolted I dare say without consulting the f a team. Same with old England and sweet Irish.
The cave belay has excellent sling anchors and nuts and cams can be placed elsewhere

If gym bunnies need to get on this sort of climb send them to a shop like where the rest of us buy climbing gear. Places that sell quickdraws also sell cams.

Please keep your precious rings off Bonnie Scotland too which can be adequately protected with slings cams and dmm s.

Your helmet comparison is spurious also have a look at John Davis'(RIP) photos from the 60s.

I'm just happy we can all get our thoughts out on this public forum. thanks chockstone

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