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Off-topic: Climbers who ride MOTORbikes.
10:27:15 AM
> Ever seen a gazelle discuss the finer points of sharing the waterhole with a lion? Its a
> jungle out there - stay alive.

Why don't just we carry iron bars and hand-guns and defend ourselves properly?

Look, we're trying to have a society here. All we've got to go by is the tacit agreement that we will all play by the rules to help that society function. Sure, we could ascribe to the kind of cynical and unsustainable worldview that says it's everyone for themselves, but realistically that would last about five minutes. Or we could try sticking to the rules as much as possible and getting along.

Alternatively, we could get on a forum and spout a bunch of flame-inspiring generalisations and bullshit to prop-up an a self-serving opinion...though that seems like a waste of frickin' time.

...hey, wait-a-minute...


1:12:17 PM
>bike trailer
Rode up Mt Buffalo on the weekend.
Passed a treadly ridden by a (very fit) mum, with a trailer attached and a kid or two in it, about half way up and going strong.
Got to talking with her at the Chalet carpark (after I returned from inspecting the new bolts atop Peroxide Blonde**). She did it in 2 hrs 20 mins and reckons she felt fresher after this, than she did in the recent 'classic' treadly race (Audax Alpine Classic, that Dalai participated in) due to the weather being cooler.
It was a two wheel trailer with a clever attachment design.
Some people blow me away with their keeness by backing up for a ride like that, not long after a grueling race. It's a gutsy performance in my book.
One day I will ride my mtn bike up and down Buffalo (in cooler weather), just for the joy of it, though in the meantime the m/cycle rips when the weather is hot!

** The bolts are excellent and not even readily visible to those who don't need to know about them due to their close proximity to the bottom railing. Well done to whoever placed them.

12:42:38 PM
is there anyone out there going to tha island for tha Superbikes ?

5:10:18 PM
Im on a 2005 Z750 at the moment in sydney. Also just got a mountain bike for riding to uni and work. Ive also been riding a little 110cc suzuki scooter in Indonesia fora few days, which was...interesting. Would love to do SE Asia on a motard with panniers though. Would be awesome.

5:58:30 PM
Bit of irrelevant trivia.

I'm not positive due to only clicking into (old) memory after the event, but I think I met mikl and his wife at Albury outside 'The Bended Elbow' (pub) today (Wed 1/3/06).

They were riding two red coloured Ducati 800's and our conversation was about the luggage rack and saddle bags on the motorbikes they had.

If it was mikl (*) I am impressed that he knocked up the rack himself and it has done 10,000+ km and is still going strong, especially since its attachment is a reverse counter-balance system and the whole lot easily slides off when not required.

(*I am pretty certain it was, as another identifier apart from my vague recognition, was the climbing spec tubular webbing slings with snaplink buckles holding his sleeping mat onto his gearpack).

If I am correct he / they still ride, and it was a lost opportunity that we did not introduce ourselves from a climbers perspective also.

If you happen to read this mikl, could you please confirm?
mikl law
9:40:18 AM
No sorry, all my Ducatis were, well, rather tatty. All my best work was done on pieces of ratty steel stuck inot the wall somewhere. I'm bikeless now, got a car licence at age 40 and still wonder why i thought that a motorbike was the perfect climbing vehicel. I remember days bolting at the Freezer and then climbing and then trying to control the Ducati Mille all the way back down the Bells line of road, too pumperd to brake or pull the clutch in.

Also having Glenn Robins riding on the back of an 860 Ducati on the Bell road in a group (including Giles Bradbury on his Pantah), he was wearing a rope on his back that kept migrating towards the rear wheeel and he stood up on the pegs to sweep it under his butt as I pitxched inot a tight corner and he fell off the bike, but clung to my pants and ground his leather clad shoulder inot the tar all the way through. he was stoked and everyone else thought we'd practiced it.

I know the road very very well, and actually got past 2 Dicati 916's in heavy fog in my Volvo a few years back. When it cleared they came by at 300 kph sounding like God's trombone.

After racing a lot of the fun went out of road riding (like soloing 28's and being banished to Ali's). Ah, but a real 125 GP bike, 13 seconds a lap faster at Oran park thna my old Ducati superbike in the early 80's, 62 kg wet, 220kph. A bicycle on acid.

11:22:00 AM
On 3/03/2006 mikl law wrote:
>I know the road very very well, and actually got past 2 Dicati 916's in
>heavy fog in my Volvo a few years back. When it cleared they came by at

From riding a Duke to driving an Ovlov. How the mighty have fallen.


ps: I went from a Kwaka GPz-900R with a Yoshimura race pipe to an L-series subie. Not as bad as you, but bad enough.

10:00:22 AM
Rode toured the alpine area last weekend (11/12 Nov.), when the Snowy Rally was on.
3,500 motorcycles participated in it and used Thredbo as the central venue.

At Jindabyne I had to wait 15 minutes in a queue of bikes for fuel. Have never had to do that until this trip, and the queue was longer after I had got mine.

Best riding country in Aust. imo.

... Saw more m\cycles than rock that w\end, even though I took binoculars in the hope of possibly spying a new line somewhere in the back blocks.

... Need to go back!

1:09:22 PM
hi guys i ride i would be interested in a ride/climb event, access would be the only issue for me my bike is about 340kg and handles like a dog on lino doesn't really do offroad that well lol suprised no body mentioned the extra $50.00 our rego went up (road safety levy) because of the great roads we now have, got to love being a minority
warm regards simon

9:28:57 PM
My bike's about to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, I meet it on the 4th December, then I'll be back in Melbourne in March, would be interested in a ride/climb whatever!

I weigh 69 Kgs, it weights 210! :o(

9:39:01 PM
If we get our act together for a ride-climb day before March, we will simply have to go again!

Keep us posted with trip reports.
I will be interested in the logistics as well as comments on the success of your strategies, eg how safely transport & customs treated your prize possession and what condition it arrived in etc. Did you ship it fully assembled or did you break it down similar to how they are imported?

10:24:02 PM
Loading it in!

Pull the windscreen and mirrors off!

wrapping it up! My happy helpers, that's Natalie (my partner) on the left and Kelvin (he makes the shipping containers) and me on the right!

The bike ready to roll, I own the shipping crate ($2,200 complete and it folds down to onship)

The trip as planned, climbing as often as possible!
1:58:42 PM

I'm sure you have it all planned out (Krabi, Chang Mai etc) but if you need any pointers then PM me. There is some good climbing in Laos esp. Vang Vieng and a there is a bit in Louang Prabang (new sites down river - not the old up-river site). We were that way this year. As I said feel free to PM me and good luck with the potholes.


11:13:43 PM
Guess I missed this thread. Yes I ride and am a firm believer in lane splitting to lights, had 2 friends centre punched in traffic. I don't use the bicycle lanes, they are there purely for political reasons. I also pushbike to work 5 days out of 6, through a park.

I am a firm believer in Natural selection but so far have no proof of it working for me, perhaps tomorrow? Push bike riders do tend to really give me the shytes with their 'little dog' syndrome.

Now before you go lumping all us motorised bike riders into one bundle, get this straight, Scooters are NOT MOTORCYCLES. These people don't even have the intelligence of the bicycle riders. I might take Lambretta's out of that generalisation but they are about it. When people get annoyed and pi$$ed at motorbikes, often these days it's the scooter crowd. I guess I have to add in Squids but they give us all a bad rep.

Have a great trip Chris and Nat. Is the website working yet? I'll look forward to hearing or reading of the adventure. It's been a long time in the planning but I'm sure it will pass in a moment.


This is NOT lane splitting as we refer to it. This is from , the movie was Fled.

12 meg file sorry

10:44:39 PM
Thanks ralph, I hope it doesn't pass too quickly!

The site will be up by next Sunday, i've been working 13-14 hour days to pay for it all, short of time where I'm compus mentus! :o)

2:34:43 PM
3xM wrote;
>had 2 friends centre punched in traffic

At the same time or individual incidents?

Have nearly had the same happen several times whilst in a cage and stationary in traffic, ... ~> tend to keep a nervous lookout in the rear-vision mirrors.

1:22:04 PM
Am considering attending the Australian Climbing Festival 2007: Blue Mtns Easter April 7-8, as a ride.


Don't know if I will camp out (bivvy); try and prebook accomodation; or bludge some floorspace at a mates place ...

Any other climber-riders interested in going as a group?*

(*If the response is significant it will shape my accomodation thoughts).

I will be travelling up from the Albury/Wodonga area.
Anyone coming from further Vic. (who wishes to break their journey?), can link up ?

6:35:05 AM
I'm working through then, we're off to Malaysia tomorrow, Sunday midnight, the Buell's through customs, 6 weeks riding/climbing/diving etc etc etc! :o)
industrial 1
4:16:25 PM
Loss of lane splitting rights would be a tragedy. I think I have a solution. Many years ago the Melb city councel decided to ban parking on the foot path.... The ban did not last long at all. The motorcycle community got together & parked at parking meters in the CBD on a saturday morning. When the max time was up for parking, motorcyclists simply changed spots with the adjacent motorcyclists. The disruption to saturday shopping was so bad the ban on footpath parking was lifted permanantly. Naturaly the bulk of parking spots must be used by bikes for this to work; organisation is involved, however it worked a treat. I suggest that this idea is passed around so it grows. The Motorcycle courier industry would be a good place to drop the idea as they have a vested interest in the ability to lane split & their radio communication system would spread the word well.

Industrial 1
industrial 1
4:19:30 PM
Is your KLX electric or kick start version

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