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5 stitches
2:18:48 PM
5 stitches on the brow, cuts on the nose, cheek, lip, forehead.
No head injuries but the shock wiped out memories.
And I spilled my martini.

This is climbing related, in the sense that I cannot climb for a short while because of this non-climbing related injury. This is not climbing related in the sense that I had a head butting competition with a road.

The way I remember it is as follows:
I woke up standing in the shower, ‘Hmmmmm, why am I here and what’s going on? I think ill pop out and ask anyone what’s happening.’
I get out, dry myself and look in the mirror. My face is replaced with blood.
‘That’s not supposed to be blood. That’s supposed to be my face’
I get dressed and wrap paper towels around my head. At this point I recognize the house is the surf house where I go when my fingers are too sore for climbing.
I get out of the shower and see my two buddies staring at me google eyed.
“oh, sorry guys. Showers free. I think there’s still some hot water left.”
After a quick call to Wonthagi hospital, some mad driving and a bit of a nap, I arrived at a comfortable bed/table, chatting away to a doctor with a strange U.K/German accent. He gave me 5 stitches and then glued up the rest of the damage. I asked him for some drugs but he said he didn’t have anything that could be smoked.

I don’t remember what happened, how it happened or why I was cruzing down the steepest hill of Inverloch on a skateboard at 1:00 in the morning on a Thursday night. But a revisit to the site made me proud that I made it that far, and that I managed to paint the road red. The road may have won the fight but I got a few good punches in.
3:06:08 PM
On 5/06/2005 festy_tom wrote:
The road may have won the fight but I got a few good punches in.

thats the way, fight the good fight, hope you're climbing soon enough

4:17:24 PM
wow impressive story pity about the martini!!! always good to see ur work!!! hope the wounds heal fast.
it's probably a good thing that u don't remember anything, never sure wat else u could have done!!!!!! climb soon facials never stop much, just the little kids from walking on the same side of the road as u!!!
5:17:21 PM
Cheers felas. That’s true about the kids, although I am enjoying the looks of all the people I’m passing in the street. I feel like Tyler Durden from fight club.

12:34:02 PM
sounds like your gunna have a sick scar to impress the ladies with. better come up with a way impressive story to increase your luck with the "sympathy factor" or the "im a hell man factor".
Just as a side note im from Wonthaggi area and was wondering if your local as theres no one that i know down here that climbs so its always a struggle to find someone to climb with except my surfing mates that have no fear in the ocean but start peaking at about grade 10.
Just hade a thought, are you the dude that plays guitar and that i might have offered a lift to invy from the pines?
anyway hope you heal soon.
1:40:17 PM
Tom, that so beats the night you past out cold as a cactus after a few too many brews and took a face plant into your guitar at the Pines.

3:13:27 PM
gotta love faceplants!!!! this was emailed to me a while ago along with a LOT of other funny photos!!

look for the broken step!!!!!!!
3:14:33 PM
You're not talking about Hillside Avenue are you? If it is, it looks like it hasn't been resurfaced for 25
years, and back then I doubt they even rolled the bitumen nice and smooth. You talk about blood
residue... I'm sure there are chunks of your face embedded in between those gnarly gravel stones.
7:56:32 PM
I certainly am the dude who was goin your way. I’m not quite a Wonthagi resident, but I’ll give you a heads up on the next surf trip if you want to come to the Invi party house or climb at Woolami.

And as for the time I passed out on the way to my tent at the pines:
That was awesome.
I believe my last words were “lets go bouldering” before I woke up to the sound laughter. Hehehe.
To my credit the reason why I passed out that time was because I was following the training schedule outlined in the Grampians selected climbs guidebook.

I think it was Hillside Avenue. And there is a good little splash of blood on it, marking how far I made it. A new record!

Uncle Chester
8:24:14 PM
dude, nice stack!
there is a time in ones life when riding a skatie down a steep hill and the you start to get ''death wobble's''
your board shakes violently, your legs turn into jelly, you skid left and right untill it builds up to a uncontroled jump off the skatie and into a cheese grate-ing of ones face and genitals on the sidewalk/gutter/road...
ahhhhh, the memories

9:54:28 PM
Is festy tom, the same as kinky tom?
12:17:03 PM
Indeed. Kinky T is I.
I knew that the “Kinky Toms Bike Shack” T Shirt for a season at Araps would be my downfall

I’m pretty glad that it didn’t occur on the rock. I can imagine how much it would be a hassle to get off the rock without, what’s that thing? Consciousness?
Yeah, I suppose I should invite my climbing helmet on more climbing trips.

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