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3rd time is the charm

Uncle Chester
12:19:01 PM
right now im in brazil doing a student exchange, because is cant climb here, i have been doing bmx riding....

well today was very exciting, painful and funny....

it started with just riding around town, practising jumps and stuff...
then i hit the gutter and popped my back tyre....

about 2 hours later with a new back tyre, i went try some dirt jumps that are about a 30 mintue ride away from the house... i popped my back tyre again!... and a hour walk back in the bloody hot sun

3rd time is the charm....

after another tyre repair... and i go down to the skate park, it has ramps and small jumps...

its was about 8pm, and i was going really good on the ramps,
i ride up to one of the ramps, and my front tyre missed the ramp and i went flying face first into the edge of the ramp....

right away i knew i had busted up my chin, jaw, lips and eye socket

i had to walk back to the house, with my host brother, by the time i had got there the front of my jumper had a mixture of spit, blood and gravel...nice!

i went to the hospital and got 3 stiches in my chin, and they took a x ray of my jaw, and the told me that it had `compacted`, so if it doest `un-compact` in about 2weeks then they will have another look at it, i also have a black eye and a fat lip, and they gave me a injection in the bum to help with the pain in my jaw...
i dont now if i should post fotos because it looks pretty messed up...

that all happened about an 2 hours ago, so im really tired now (its about 1am)

p.s. does an one know any good soup recipes????

what are my chances of getting any luv-ing now????


12:28:38 PM
"chicks dig scars" - simpsons
if the simpsons said it it must be true!!! :P
looks like ur chances have increased!

Uncle Chester
12:38:11 PM
On 28/05/2005 sabu wrote:
>"chicks dig scars" - simpsons
>if the simpsons said it it must be true!!! :P
>looks like ur chances have increased!

yeh i know chicks dig scars, but man... my face is just bad... its not cool, but if its alright with the internet-boss-dude i think his name is hex??? i will post some fotos!

homer also said, and i quote... `trying is the first step toward failing`

you think i have a better chance now? i cant eat anythingbigger that a 5cent coin, so trying to ``talk the chicky-babes up`` is out of the question... sob sob... still no luv for uncle chester

4:36:54 PM
try Neil or Dalai as the bosses.
well it's good for sympathy, aim for looking sorry for ur self but still being "tough" about it no words needed they'll just melt!!! tactic: try doing something in front of them (a task u know u won't be able to do with ur injuries, like eating a steak!!!!) and so u fail but try again and again and if my logic is right they will run over to help the poor wounded boy!!!

Uncle Chester
1:28:04 PM
just out of curiousity, does anyone know whats is the difference between that dark blood and the really bright red blood?
coz when i first cut my chin it was all a dark coloured blood, and now when it bleeds its a bright red...
1:55:38 PM
Generally, bright red coloured blood is arterial - heavily loaded with oxygen and on it's way from your heart/lungs to the rest of your body. The darker coloured stuff is flowing back through your veins having done the rounds. It's been depleted of most of the oxygen and is on it's way back to the heart/lungs for more. The brighter red stuff is generally running under higher pressure.

Maybe your first injury was predominantly venous. Subsequent bleeding may be seeping from damaged arterial capillaries under the higher pressure....but don't quote me on that! I'm not a medico...just a lapsed biologist.

3:12:32 PM
that sounds about right, i heard same thing from somewhere. still waiting for those photos!!

Uncle Chester
8:30:59 PM
fotos, hopefully tonite, there is problems with my camera,

the fotos are classics!

1:38:36 PM
Yeah, but did you get a third flat?

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