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Katoomba bouldering
10:35:36 PM
Can anyone recommend any bouldering around Katoomba, or perhaps recommend a guide?


10:44:20 PM
i can recommend that buy a rope!!
but if you're super keen on crash mats then check out the sunbath @ medlow bath (a few minutes up the road towards blackheath) but i dont know what the problems are. i know theres a couple other spots that the ropeless head to but i cant think of them off the top of my head...
8:56:06 AM
You might want to find the location of XXXX and the Surgery (the latter is in the lower Blue Mts though). The Sunbath is like climbing on broken glass - so don't expect to have any skin left if you go there!

10:57:55 AM
There's a small cave with a couple fun problems near some pumping station around past Scenic World, can't remember the name. We asked for directions at the Mountain Designs shop. There was a couple manky bolts there too, but I wouldn't recomend them.
11:23:33 AM
>near some pumping station around past Scenic World

There's a bit of boulering somewhere above the Narrowneck climbing area, maybe that's it.

11:27:19 AM
I think they are the same spot. Very limited bouldering in the cave with a few eliminates. The cave and some of the problems were on the video 'Coming at Ya Hyper' as was the route LSD (grade 20) out of the cave.

Gunta Skirtpulla
3:04:58 PM
There is a relatvely new crag (past few years) called the Powerplant, developed by Phil Sage & James
Scarborough, which is pretty close to Diamond Falls/Narrow Neck area. I think you can actually see it on
the walk out of DF.

3:22:39 PM
In 2002 Dylan Fletcher and Sieta Whitehead discovered Uber Land once the bush fires made the
boulders visible from the Great Western Highway. I havn't heard anything else since about this area. Full
guide etc can be found here:
4:55:34 PM
Quite a good area developed by Phil Sage and friends at Zap Crag....if you go to the bottom sector (down knotted ropes) and walk about 20 metres past it you will find a nice overhanging wall with loads of problems.
I thought this was the Power plant though....maybe I have the names mixed up?

PS.... Uberland is crap, don't waste your time.... crap rock to say the least. There is really good granite bouldering in the Cox's river and at Tarana.

10:34:51 PM
On 23/11/2005 chris wrote:
[snip...]There is really good granite bouldering in the Cox's river and at Tarana."

Can you say where in the Cox's??
8:18:56 AM
Yeah Chris, Uberland does suck pretty hard huh, complete waste of time. The Powerplant is actually the area Chris was talking about at Zap Crag, (power lines, hard bouldering thus powerplant??).

There are no guides so don't waste your time looking. Just maybe ask some one in Mountain Designs (Garth or one of the Cossey's) and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

XXXX is pretty good, just walk down as for Engineers Cascade but instead of going down the steps to the water fall stay high (stepping over a dodgy old wire fence for a short while) and keep walking around for another 5 mins or so following a rough track near the top of the cliffline. The track then drops down into another little gully and back up and there you are.

By the sunbath do you guys mean Devondale? The monstly traversing wall under the roof? Great training spot but not all that inspiring.

Probably best to get someone to show you the coxs river bouldering, long walk but good bouldering, great alternative in winter.
8:30:55 AM
Whilst we're in the Narrow Neck Area can anyone give me more details on the bolted lines at Redledge? (is this aka the "Powerplant?")
There's a bit of info on Crag X but only names and grades.
There appears to be 3 lines (grade 18?) leading to a common lower off and some steeper harder stuff around the corner.

12:02:50 PM
Hey Goodvibes, you can't leave it at that! I don't mind a bit of a walk in fact climbing is always better after some effort to get there. A grid ref perhaps?
2:48:09 PM
I will see what I can do, just drive down to the Megalong valley from blackheath (take the left at the Shipley/Glen turn off) to the junction with the 6ft track. Walk west along the track for about 45 mins and then follow a steepish rough dirt road that kind of doubles back as it goes down hill. Follow the track until you find yourself at the river and head up or down, boulders everywhere. Despite the river it would really suck in summer, wait for things to cool down a bit first.
4:35:44 PM
I've heard there is some good bouldering at the Zig Zag. I think you head off to the right at the top rather than down further left to the cliffs, but I'd have to check with the friend who's been there for more precise directions.

I saw on the Australian Bouldering website a place called the Armory. Anyone know where that is?

10:17:49 PM
Thanks muchly Goodvibes. I know most of the Cox's but haven't been to that area.

7:05:32 PM
Hey mate, this is from an old topic, but it's the only occurence of "The Surgery" on the archives. I've been bouldering there fora year or so now and have never seen another soul there. Do you know who established it or if there are any climb details about? I'd mostly just be interested to see what other people have been doing. Thanks


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