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Crazy Dutchies 2000m tall man made mountain
8:19:50 AM

8:26:33 AM
270 billion pounds? Holland obviously isn't needing austerity measures.
5:44:52 PM
I'd suggest the idea came up at an Amsterdam cafe...
7:22:24 PM
Hmmmm... A steep mountain might have a 1:5 gradient. Even then you would likely need significant compaction to keep it stable.

so for 2000m you are talking about a 10km radius....

So V=(1/3)(pi)r^2h = 209x10^9 cubic metres of earth.

Now this needs weights 500x10^12 kg and needs to be lifted the height of the centre of mass which is 25% of the height

Energy required is thus mhg so that is 500x10^12*500*10 = 2.5*10^18 Joules lets take a very generous 50% efficiency which give 5*10^18 Joules needed.

Retail energy price in Holland is 0.1892/kWh. But lets call that 0.10 because I'm sure they'd get a discount. 1 kwh=3.6x10^6J

So they total energy cost is 5*10^18/3.6*10^6*0.1=1.8*10^12

1.8 Trillion Euro in energy costs alone!!!!!

Those quoted cost estimates are completely off!

(Of course if you have a 1:3 slope then you are talking 65% lower material haulage cost. But you try stabilizing a slope like that for construction even for a 20m hill let alone 2000m!)

8:42:42 PM
On 5/09/2011 patto wrote:
>1.8 Trillion Euro in energy costs alone!!!!!
>Those quoted cost estimates are completely off!

if you care to look closely at the concept image, the 'mountain' is not solid... your calcs are completely off
8:53:51 PM
On 5/09/2011 andesite wrote:
>On 5/09/2011 patto wrote:
>>1.8 Trillion Euro in energy costs alone!!!!!
>>Those quoted cost estimates are completely off!
>if you care to look closely at the concept image, the 'mountain' is not
>solid... your calcs are completely off

Building a non solid mountain is even MORE energy intensive!

Moving dirt is far cheaper and uses less energy than building and supporting hollow structures.

11:30:18 PM
obviously the German DID do his calcs...

"As challenges set in, Tigges has settled for a 60-metre mound."
12:02:59 AM
I particularly like the 2 BASE jumpers under canopy in the illustration.. the Dutch have their priorities in the right place :)
2:18:07 AM
Sorry J.C, but they would be paragliding. They are everywhere here in the Alps!

Big G
9:33:53 AM
wouldn't it just be cheaper to build an ultra high speed bullet train to the alps for all the dutchies to go mountaineering?

12:41:22 PM
Or just buy Switzerland.....
One Day Hero
5:44:13 PM
This is just ripped off from an Aussie idea (our nutbags can show those euro nutbags up any day!)

Has anyone seen the book written (talking about himself in the 3rd person, as all good nutbags do) by the south australian dude who wanted to do this in the early 80's? His mountain was going to solve the drought + energy crisis (via the spontaneous separation of water in a 2 inch pipe running down the middle of his 6000m mountain........seriously!)

Apparently he achieved some local fame for a while, and a fair bit of popular support from like minded retards.
One Day Hero
5:46:11 PM
b.t.w., nice work showing off your fisiks skills patto.......I remember being given problems like that in yr10
5:57:53 PM
I just had to check out this Australian Mountain Building Loonie.

L. J. Hogan started the Engineered Australia Party and ran in the 83 federal elections. He wanted to build a 10 x 4 x 2000 Km mountain range to collect rain and make the desert bloom.

He probably had a free energy machine in his garage, convinced he could make it work.
One Day Hero
12:35:20 AM
Hmmm, the name doesn't sound right, they were probably mates though.

This dude had come out from Malta? as a child, had a wog surname. I found his book in a caravan park I was staying in last year, shoulda pinched it.

The whole thing is written as a novel in the 3rd person, with a genius central character who bears a strong resemblance to the author. It's piss funny!
12:42:07 PM
Wow! How cool! Australia has more than one bring the mountain to Mohammed loonie.

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